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KINDNESS: Gregory "Stories" Shaffer's 2016 film asking Burners their thoughts, stories and suggestions as it related to being kind.



INSIDE: Gregory "Stories" Shaffer's 2015 film asking Burners what it is inside them that others may not see or know about.



HOME IS WHERE WE MUST RETURN: Gregory "Stories" Shaffer thought about the camps that are located on the outer streets at Brining Man 2014 and wrote this poem set to images and music. The video is now avilable at YouTube:

Home Is Where We Must Return


I REALLY WANT YOU TO KNOW: Gregory "Stories" Shaffer asked folks at Burning Man 2013 to finish the sentence, I really want you to know.  The responces were interesting, inspiring, funny, touching and surprising. The video is now avilable at YouTube:

I really want you to know, video

WHAT MATTERS MOST?: Thanks to all who took time to be interviewed on the Playa at Burning Man 2012 for my mini-documentary; "What Matters Most?" And, thanks to all who are simply interested in the project. The video is now avilable at YouTube:

What Matters Most - screenshoot

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to the web page. This site is your source of information about Gregory S. Shaffer (a brief biography, resume; referrals and client list; and contact information); samples of his writing (published work and unpublished work); and information about services he provides (CTC services, workshops, writing services and public speaking).

CTC Services

A summary of the services, consultation and workshops offered.



Public speaking workshops to fit your needs, and some innovate services to hone how you communicate.

Public Speaking

Strange that thoughts strung together, words spoken can cause such changes in our minds and ultimately our lives.

Writing Services

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Published Writings

Sample of previously published pieces span the spectrum from wistful looks at American traditions, to enraged reflections on hypocrisies.

Unpublished Writings

Writing for the sake of writing, creating for the sake of creating. Pieces that never found their way to being published, but still deserve a read.



An explanation of what motivates Gregory’s work, and more about his .

References and Client List

What are people saying Gregory, and who has he worked with? Find out here.


A brief narrative history of Gregory, including information on the current work in which he is engaged.


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