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NOTE: While all information below is true, this biographical sketch provides a more humorous or light version of Gregory background. You are welcome to use this information in introductions and publicity as you see fit. A more "serious" version of Gregory's bio is also available.
A more "serious" version of Gregory's bio is also available.

Humorous Biographical Sketch

Currently 46 years old, Gregory S. Shaffer was born in Vallejo, California at the age of zero to his parents. After picking up rocks off of the Solano County racetrack in his teens, and a stint as a bail bondsmen in his twenties (to fund graduate school), he set his sights on becoming a famous radio personality. That dream was never fully realized, actually that dream was never realized at all (yet), save a short stint as a newsman for an FM station in Vacaville, California. However, this did not stop Gregory from moving forward. Gregory attended California State University, Sacramento where he received his BA in Business Administration and Communication Studies and MA in Communications Studies, all sans any cum laudes.

Gregory S. Shaffer is the principal of Compulsion to Create, a consulting business whose tag line is "Writing, Thinking and Public Speaking." Gregory's vision for himself and Compulsion to Create is multi-dimensional and focuses on consulting of community building and asset-based community development, as well as writing for the silver screen and public speaking. Gregory's previous clients have included: Calif. Youth Advocacy Network; Food Stamp Outreach Planning Committee; the California Health Promotion Collaborative; California Nutrition Network for Healthy, Active Families; the Local Programs Unit, Tobacco Control Section; and the Physical Activity and Health Initiative, all of the former being part of the California Department of Health Services. In addition Gregory has worked with Odyssey (a mass transportation non-profit); Non-Profits United; Paratransit, Inc.; and work as a member of the Sierra Regional Career Partnership's Evaluation Team. Gregory is currently at work on a novel for young adults as well as serving as an Communications Studies instructor at the community college level.

Previously, Gregory served as the Local Programs Administrator for California Healthy Cities and Communities, a program of the Center for Civic Partnerships based in Sacramento, CA. CHCC is part of a growing international public health movement which focuses on the city/community and its total environment -- including the physical surroundings, economic conditions, and social climate -- as an arena for health promotion activities. In that position Gregory served as a team leader for others who, like Gregory, worked directly with cities and communities to build and maintain participation in the Project.

Gregory's writings include: Home Waters: Fly Fishing in Western Canada; The Sacramento Bee; Vacaville Reporter; Santa Rosa Press Democrat; Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA);and Public Health Reports. Gregory has submitted and not had his writing and poetry published in such prestigious publications as the New Yorker, Parents Magazine, Redbook, American Angler and The Los Angeles Times.

Gregory also worked as a Media Specialist/Community Organizer for the Solano County Cancer Prevention Program, and as a Field Representative to California State Assemblyman Thomas M. Hannigan.

Gregory discovered that the Rotary Foundation offers a variety of overseas travel and went after it like a consultant after a travel claim. He was awarded a scholarship in 1983-84 to study at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand. In 1985, Gregory was selected as a member of a Rotary Group Study Exchange and traveled to southern India for six weeks as part of an exchange program designed to share professional and cultural experiences. He still has a box of memorabilia from each trip in his attic. If anyone knows of any other schemes that allow free travel abroad Gregory would like to know.

Gregory enjoys traveling with his lovely wife, Sheri, including taking a year off in 1990-91 to travel in Southeast Asia and the United States. Among Gregory's other interests are fly fishing, camping, fly fishing, bike treks, fly fishing and writing.


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