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Gregory S. Shaffer
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"Sometimes an idea will just start to form in my mind, while I'm in the shower, or driving, or reading. Words for an article, a story for a speech, or a facilitation exercise starts as a single thought, and if I pay attention and relax the idea just keeps growing. Eventually it gets so big I have to jump out of the shower, or pull-over, or put the book down and run to the computer or find a scrap of paper and starting recording these creative notions. It's like I have a ."

  October 1998
Gregory S. Shaffer

At the heart of what motivates Gregory is creativity. That act, either alone or as part of group, from which ideas, concepts, and blue prints for change spring from sheer pondering, thinking, and reflection. We watch the artist start from a clean white canvas and are amazed at how he or she brings forth a beautiful, inspired piece of art. We hear the improvisational notes flow from a musicians mind, through an instrument and to our ears, and are moved at how seemingly effortless this can be done. Yet, we sit on the front lawn and make up a game to play with our son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, or a boy or girl we know and fail to see this important act as creativity. It is this all to often unappreciated creative energy which invented the game, and the creativity that the child brings to the experience which Gregory is convinced must be nurtured and developed if we are to truly enjoy life, serve our communities, and do our best work.

The business that is is at the same time the vehicle Gregory uses to market his writing, as well as the enterprise which is home to sharing his passion and skills with others through public speaking.

Gregory believes that we all create ideas, concepts and thoughts everyday, and that we often fail to honor these important acts of creativity. Gregory knows we all have a , if only we choose to see it in ourselves.

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