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Gregory recently facilitated a Resurrect the American Dream Workshop for the City of San Bernardino with various community and faith based organizations in attendance. He was masterful in his ability to bring the group together in pursuit of a common goal. Because of his dynamic presentation skills and ability to engage the crowd in lively discussion, he has been asked to return to the City of San Bernardino to facilitate a Goals Setting Session for our elected officials and department heads. Gregory does an excellent job and I highly recommend him for your city's event!

Judith Valles
Mayor, City of San Bernardino


Gregory has the skills. We gave him the tough task of facilitating a large group exercise immediately after lunch. The 150 people in the crowd had been trapped in presentations all morning. During lunch folks got immersed in conversation. They were really enjoying themselves and their freedom. I didn't think we'd ever get back down to business. But Gregory was a superstar. He used humor and persistence to get folks to slowly end their conversations and focus on him. He kept at it until everyone in the room was re-engaged. He really saved our event.

George Manalo-LeClair
Director of Legislation and Policy, California Food Policy Advocates


My life has been very significantly enriched by Gregory Shaffer's knowledge, wisdom, insight and far-sightedness…by personally exemplifying the very best that is within us all — vision, leadership, generosity, caring for others and living-with-heart — he has inspired me to reach for and realize my own capacity for these things. He can be provocative, stirring people to closely examine aspects of their professional or personal lives and commit to constructive change.
         Tom Watkins
Professional Mentor, Encouragement!, New Zealand


The toolbox of an experienced and skilled facilitator includes: the ability to think creatively and help other people and organizations do the same; ability to share information by using stories; and superior public speaking skills. It's rare to find, but Gregory has these skills and is able to use the right tool at the right place and time.

Christine Valenza
Graphic Recorder, Art 4 Change


Gregory is very well received as a keynote speaker in ABCD (Asset-Based Community Development) concepts and principles. His knowledge of the subject content coupled with his humor, storytelling and engaging speaking style make him a popular speaker.

Diane Littlefield
Executive Director, Center for Collaborative Planning, Public Health Institute


Nonprofit organizations depend on consultants with enthusiasm, creativity and experience… Gregory possesses these qualifications. I've seen many presenters at both state and national conferences, and few have shown the level of preparation and richness of content that Gregory provides when sharing his strategies for community action.
       James Howard
State of California, Department of Health Services; National leader, American Lung Association


Gregory is a talented trainer. His workshop helped me rethink how I prepare myself to attend conferences. I expect this newfound knowledge will help me get even more out of conferences that I attend.

Denise Cattern
Employee/Workshop attendee, City of Chino Hills


Gregory's education, skills and experience are well suited for consulting in a number of areas, including facilitation of group planning/decision making processes and public speaking workshops.

Joan Twiss
Director, Center for Civic Partnerships, a Center of the Public Health Institute


Client List (partial) :

  • Aristata Associates
  • California Food Policy Advocates
  • California Health Promotion Collaborative (CA Dept. of Health Services)
  • California Nutrition Network for Healthy, Active Families (CA Dept. of Health Services)
  • California Youth Advocacy Network
  • Center for Civic Partnerships
  • City of Chino Hills, workshops: Mind Matters, Attitude is Everything; Getting the Most Out of Your Conference Experience
  • City of San Bernardino, facilitating Resurrecting the American Dream & Annual council/staff priority setting session
  • Food Stamp Outreach Planning Committee (CA. Dept. of Health Services)
  • Local Programs Unit, Tobacco Control Section (CA. Dept. of Health Services)
  • Non-Profits United
  • Odyssey (Mass transportation advocacy nonprofit)
  • Paratransit Inc.
  • Physical Activity and Health Initiative (CA. Dept. of Health Services)
  • Plumas County
  • Public Health Law Program




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