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Ph: (530) 271-5514


Bachelor of Science, Communication Studies and Business Administration (double major), May 1978, CSU, Sacramento

Master of Arts, Communication Studies, August 1988, CSU, Sacramento

Rotary Foundation Scholar, Communication Studies, 1984, Victoria

University, Wellington, New Zealand



Assistant Adjunct Professor: (January 2003 to present) Public Speaking course instructor within the Communication Department at Sacramento City College, Los Rios Community College District.

Principal, Compulsion to Create: (7/01 to present) Principal for consulting business whose tag line is "Writing, Thinking and Public Speaking." Gregory's vision for himself and Compulsion to Create is multi-dimensional and focuses on consulting of community building and asset-based community development, as well as writing and public speaking. Previous clients have included: California Youth Advocacy Network; Non-Profits United; Paratransit Inc.; Aristata Associates work as a member of the Sierra Regional Career Partnership's Evaluation Team); California Health Promotion Collaborative (CA Dept. of Health Services); California Nutrition Network for Healthy, Active Families (CA Dept. of Health Services); Local Programs Unit, Tobacco Control Section (CA Dept. of Health Services); Odyssey (Mass transportation advocacy nonprofit); Food Stamp Outreach Planning Committee (CA Dept. of Health Services); and Physical Activity and Health Initiative (CA. Dept. of Health Services).

Freelance Writer: (1994 to present) Publication credits include: Home Waters: Fly Fishing in Western Canada; Sacramento (Ca.) Bee newspaper; Vacaville (Ca.) Reporter newspaper; Santa Rosa (Ca.) Press Democrat newspaper; Orange County (Ca.) Register newspaper; Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA); and Public Health Reports.

Faculty, California Asset-Based Community Development Institute: (7/98 to present) As a faculty member provide freelance consultation services and presentations to organizations wishing to addresses community challenges from an assets (versus deficit model). In the past, and all too often today communities look at their needs, their wounds, from a perceptive of "We are damaged, who can help us?" With Asset-Based Community Development it is the very talents, gifts and skills of the residents of the so-called "community of need" that provides the resources and solutions to local challenges.

Local Programs Administrator, California Healthy Cities and Communities: (1/92 to 6/01) Served as team leader and supervised Local Program Development Specialist. Provided consultation and technical assistance, including on-site work, to city/community representatives to foster development and implementation of local projects. Healthy Cities and Communities seeks to foster: a broadened definition of health; collaborative approaches to improving the community; and an ongoing process to help policy makers understand the overall health impacts of all policy decisions. Develop and administered competitive grant programs.

Community Organizer/Media Specialist, Solano County Cancer Prevention Program: (8/87 to 6/90) I served this five-year program designed to educate Solano County residents about the effects of lifestyle on cancer risk by monitoring local and state legislation; developing and implementing health education campaigns; conducting the project's overall media component; and serving as a liaison to the community.

Field Representative to Majority Floor Leader Assemblyman Tom Hannigan, 4th Assembly District: (6/85 to 8/87) As an aide to the Assemblyman I served as a liaison to Solano County community members and elected officials in resolving issues under the state purview and tracked legislation for these groups and other constituencies. I prepared speeches, wrote weekly columns, and prepared press releases.



Twelve Years and Counting: California Healthy Cities and Communities, Public Health Reports, March/April & May/June 2000, Volume 115, No. 2 & 3, co-author.

The Effects of Combining Education and Enforcement to Reduce Tobacco Sales to Minors: A Study of Four Northern California Communities, JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) December 11, 1991, Vol 266, No. 22, co-author.


PRESENTATIONS (partial list):

Asset-Based Community Development Focus presentations made to:

2001 California Childhood Obesity Conference: Issues, Strategies and Programs. (March 2001)

Active Aging Community Task Force Training, Ca. Department of Health Services (August 2001)

California Health Promotion Collaborative Leadership Summit, Ca. Department of Health Services (November 2001)

Other topics:

Achieving Community Impact, Understanding Outcomes Workshop. Northern California Community Services Council, Inc. (Opening speaker, August 1995)

Advances Media Skills at Media Advocacy for Tobacco Control presented by Ca. Tobacco Control Resource Partnership. (Presenter, March 1993)

California Healthy Cities - Are You a Healthy City? California Park & Recreation Society, and National Recreation & Park Association 1997 Annual Conference (Presenter, March 1997)

Connecting Citizens with Their Government: Strategies for Empowering Neighborhoods and Communities. CCAN (California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada) Innovations Group. (Presenter, January 1994)

Game Plan for a Healthier City: A Case Study of the Roseville Healthy Cities Project. The Healthcare Forum, 1994 Healthier Community Summit. (Presenter, May 1994)

Getting Your Bearings: An Orientation to California Healthy Cities and Communities. California Healthy Cities and Communities, Annual Meeting (Co?presenter, April 2000)

(The) Healthy Cities Movement at the 1992 NRPA (National Recreation and Parks Association) Conference. (Presenter, October 1992)

Healthy Communities, Bringing It All Together: the AHealth@ Definition Puzzle. Association of California Healthcare Districts 48th Annual Meeting. (Presenter, September 1999)

Lung Healthy Communities: A Strategy for Community Action. American Lung Association, American Thoracic Society 1997 International Conference. (Moderator, presenter, session architect, May 1997)

Mass Media: Radio, TV, Newspapers at BACC (Bay Area Cancer Coalition) Media Workshop presented by Health Promotion Resource Center, Stanford University. (Presenter, January 1989)

Mobilizing Your Community for Youth. League of California Cities 1995 Annual Conference. (Presenter, October 1995)

Model Community Programs. Social Marketing: New Imperative for Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in California. (Panelist, April 1998)

Myths, Facts, Stories, Legends: Local Policy Change and You. On the Move for Permanent Change, a training hosted by the State of California, Department of Health Services, Chronic Disease Risk Reduction Section. (Presenter, November 1994)

(A) Nuts and Bolts Approach to Program Development, Community Collaboration and Assessment. Traffic-Related Injury Prevention Programs Grantees Training Institute. (Opening Plenary, Presenter, June 2001) Policies that Promote Healthy Cities. League of California Cities 1999 Annual Conference. (Moderator and presenter, October 1999)

(The) Role of Health Care Providers and Their Trustees in Enhancing Community Health, Rural Healthcare Symposium, 14th Annual Meeting. (Moderator, presenter, March 1999)

(The) Role of Healthcare Districts in Enhancing Community Health: A Workshop on Healthy Communities. A workshop provided six times to the members and trustees of the Association of California Healthcare Districts (October 1998 to April 1999, presenter and co-workshop developer)

Sharing the Vision: Community Perspective. Kaiser Permanente, Community Health Summit. (Keynote speaker, April 1996)

Using Media for Tobacco Control at Tobacco in the 90's presented by Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention. (Faculty, July 1990)

Using the Mass Media for Nutrition Education at Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in the Community, Fourth Summer Conference presented by Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention. (Co-presenter, July 1989)

Vision to Action: An Overview of the Community Compass and How it Informed Decisions in the City of Pittsburg. California Healthy Cities Project 1998 Annual Conference. (Presenter, April 1998)

What It Means to be a Healthy City/Community: An Overview. California Healthy Cities and Communities 1999 Annual Conference. (Moderator, presenter, session architect, April 1999.)

Work Underway Toward Healthy Communities - a panel discussion. Association of California Healthcare Districts 46th Annual Meeting. (Presenter, May 1997)


PAPERS (partial lists):

Advisory Councils, Boards, Commissions, Committees and Coalitions: Forging Partnerships with the "Average Citizen." APHA (American Society of Public Administrators), 54th Annual Conference. (Presenter, author, July 1993)

California Healthy Cities: Community Health Planning and Program Development at the Local Level. APHA (American Public Health Association) 123th Annual Meeting, Session: Approaches to Community Health Planning and Integrated Services. (Co-author, November 1995)

California Healthy Cities and Communities: Promoting Community Health through Collaborative Partnerships. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Services. Healthy People 2010, Partnerships for Health in the New Millennium: Launching Healthy People 2010. (Co-author, January 2000)

Community Participation: Bringing the Construct in the Foreground Lessons Learned from Research and Practice. APHA (American Public Health Association) 129th Annual Meeting, Session: Community Participation in Health Promotion. Co-author. (October 2001)

Effects of Education and Enforcement on Sale of Tobacco Products to Minors in Solano County, CA. APHA (American Public Health Association) 119th Annual Meeting, Session: Alcohol and Tobacco Products: Marketing to Youth. Co-author. (November 1991)

Meeting the [Healthy People] Year 2000 Objectives Through City-Based Partnerships. APHA (American Public Health Association) 120th Annual Meeting, Session: The Year 2000 Objectives: Assessing Progress and Priorities. Co-author (November 1992)



Asset Based Community Development, Initial Faculty Training, July 1998: As an original California faculty member of the California Asset Based Community Development Institute, attend training conducted by John McKnight and Jodi Kretzman (co-authors) Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community's Assets.

Asset Based Community Development, Faculty Training, June 1999: Ongoing training for California Asset Based Community Development Institute faculty and other interested parties in the Asset Based Community Development movement.

Conflict Resolution Training, December 2000. A three day workshop provided by Partners for Democratic Change focusing on types, causes and mediation strategies of conflict, utilized extensive role playing.

Creating a Shared Vision Using Graphic Recording, April 1996. Exploring the tools, concept of group memory, symbols, designs and means by which the collective process of a group is graphically captured.

Essential Facilitation: Tools to Enhance Group Performance, July 1999: A four day workshop focusing on essential strategies to assist groups in problem solving, conflict resolution and developing and maintaining group agreements.

Negotiating for Results: Getting to Yes, May 1993: Focus on essential skills for negotiating in both conflict and collaborative environment.

Speak Out! June 1999: Workshop focusing on text and content structure, vocal techniques, and presentation skills.

Technology of Participation: Participatory Strategic Planning, May 1995. Offered by the Institute of Cultural Affairs this workshop focused on assisting communities to develop specific strategies, solutions and action plans to address the quality of life concerns of residents.


Awards (partial list):

Friends of the Sacramento Public Library Writing Contest. Category: Young Adults, First Chapter - third place for "Too Close for Comfort." (October 2001)

(The) C. Everett Koop National Health Awards, The Health Projects. Awarded to North Bay Health Resources Center, Stop Tobacco Access for Minors Project (STAMP). (Co-recipient with fellow project staff, December 1993)

California Fly Fishers Unlimited, Outstanding Board Member of the Year 2000.

Order of St. Patrick. Presented by faculty of St. Patrick's High School to outstanding graduating senior for service to school and community. June 1974.

Rotary Foundation Scholarship, Graduate Scholarship. Full scholarship, including travel and living expenses to study political communications at Victoria University, Wellington New Zealand. February 1984 to January 1985.

Rotary Foundation, Group Study Exchange. One of a team of five young businessmen, and our team leader on five week tour of southern India for cultural and professional exchange. February 1986.


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