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Public Speaking Workshops and Services

offers the following

Public Speaking: Foundation to Tune-Up
This core public speaking workshop provides a foundation for growing public speaking skills as well as a tune-up for participants with significant public speaking experience. Each class is designed to specifically meet the needs of participants.

Public Speaking: For Those Who Hate to Speak in Public
A workshop specifically designed to deal with the fear and anxiety of public speaking by employing innovative, engaging, fun and effective methods. A practical approach tailored to individuals' needs, which builds on individual skills. (Yes, you have them!)

Putting Your Stories into Public Speaking
This workshop provides a practical approach to joining the ranks of effective public speakers who know how and when to use stories.

Public Speaking - Private/Small Group Session(s): Mentoring, Coaching and "Guerrilla" Instruction
Individual or very small group instruction, tailored to meet your needs.

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