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Public Speaking - Private/Small Group Session(s):
Mentoring, Coaching and "Guerrilla" Instruction

Individual or very small group instruction, tailored to meet your needs.

As your mentor, I offer oversight, expertise, progress monitoring and ongoing support to enhance your professional skills, effectiveness and satisfaction with public speaking. Mentoring services are more likely to be ongoing, and—as a mentor—I am usually selected personally by a client. In this capacity, I serve as an experienced and trustworthy adviser (which includes upholding confidentiality of sensitive information) who serves as an external tutor and provides personalized support for systematic self-development.

Mentoring responsibilities include:

  • encouraging clear expression of your needs, concerns, aspirations and opportunities for improvement;
  • asking searching questions and providing reflective feedback and encouraging you to take self-responsibility for making progress;
  • helping you recognize your own values and development path and act within them to get back on track if you have diverted.

Coaching services are likely to be short-term, and I may work with small groups in addition to individuals. A coach is sometimes chosen by a supervisor or team leader. A coaching relationship may deal more with short-term public speaking challenges and not require the same level of confidentiality as a mentor relationship.

Coaching responsibilities include:

  • assessment of your skills levels;
  • developing a priority list of public speaking situations where you wish to concentrate your effort;
  • focusing on aspects of public speaking you wish to improve;
  • helping you understand how to be more "present" when you speak;
  • identifying new skills you wish to acquire in the future and developing steps to acquire those skills.

You have likely heard of "guerrilla media." A "no-holds-barred" approach to getting your message across and heard. Guerrilla instruction focuses on some of the more controversial methods of being heard and getting your message across. Guerrilla instruction can be included in either a coaching or mentoring relationship, and it should be undertaken with a clear understanding of the risk and rewards involved, as well as the ethical considerations.

My services are for those who want to hone and refine their public speaking skills and for those who learn better in a one-on-one or small group environment. Workshops also benefit those who want to focus on developing a particular public speaking skill or address a specific public speaking challenge. In the case of mentoring, I work with those who wish to establish a long-term relationship for improvements of public speaking skills.

To reach that next level of public speaking often requires specialized instruction. Having your work critiqued on an individual level and receiving feedback that specifically addresses your areas of interest is an invaluable tool in growing your public speaking skill set.

Participants benefit from an optimal learning environment that combines challenging exercises (high expectations) in a safe (low threat/high support) environment. In this environment, you will benefit from:

  • trying more challenging public speaking styles and methods in a safe environment;
  • having the opportunity to practice "bite size" pieces of your speech;
  • building the confidence that comes from expanding your skills.
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